Past Few Days

Hey everyone!

How is everyone feeling tonight? This past weekend has been a busy one for me as I have been fighting off a cold, continuing to work at J. Crew and hanging out with my family before I go back to school this Saturday. I am so excited to live in the sorority house but I always miss my home in East Aurora. I just love my family too much to not be sad.

Anyways, I’ll start out with some new years resolution reviews for the first week.

So far, I have been pretty good. Stay hydrated has been good for me, I have been incorporating many veggies into my meals and keeping up with my workouts for that PANAMA bod has been going pretty well. I have been feeling pretty tired though so my gym time has not been as long as I hope if I didnt feel so crappy.

This past weekend my sister Erin and Dad went up to Potsdam because she had to move her things out of the house. She is living home for her final duty as a student for student teaching here in Western New York. It was just my mom and I at home and we got a lot done. We put all the christmas decorations down. (very sad)

mom taking down the ornaments.

mom taking down the ornaments.


Some of the ornaments that were on our tree. Ready to be put back in boxes.

We did lots of cleaning and we also went down to buffalo to my sister Brenna’s house for some wine, cheese and crackers, and then had a nice soup dinner to catch up.

I worked quit a bit this weekend as well which was great because i definitely need money for going back to school!

Some recent eats:

On sunday my mom and I made homemade sweet potato bisque. Sparked by our recent soup kick from the cold weather.


Homemade sweet potato bisque


I was craving a thai chicken salad from Panera. So I whipped up a ‘Devin’ original and used a peanut dressing recipe from and used it as my dressing for my veggie salad!


Veggie salad with peanut dressing


Tuesday my mom had a hair appointment at 4:30 so I offered to make dinner for the family to use up some of my time and show her how much we all appreciate what she does for us every single day. I had been craving meatloaf so I used a turkey meatloaf recipe I found on and served it with roasted broccoli and potatoes. I followed the instructions step by step and it turned out perfect!! Will definitely make again if I am on dinner duty again.


roasted veggies for tuesdays side dish


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