Holiday Recap

Since I have been so MIA on my blog, i’d like to share some photos and stories about the holidays with you all!

I got back from school on December 14th, only to make it home for a celebration dinner for my sister!!! Brenna got engaged to a wonderful man, Steve! I absolutely love them together and I could not be more excited. Check out the ring:


I actually knew since thanksgiving when Steve showed the family a picture of the ring at dinner. Good thing I was at school because it was a lot easier to keep private.

We celebrated her engagement just with the family at Cantina Loco. An excellent mexican restaurant on Elmwood Avenue in downtown Buffalo.

I was so thankful to be home after a stressful week filled with studying for finals. It was time for a break! I was lucky enough to pick up some shifts at my work to make some extra money so I could afford Christmas presents.

Christmas quickly came and my family celebrated Christmas Eve in Amherst with Steve and his family. This was the first Christmas Eve we weren’t at our house. Steve’s mom is an excellent cook and she made chicken parm. it was excellent. My mom and I spent alll day making christmas cookies and a chocolate cake to bring over for dessert. It was a delicious dinner! We also celebrated Brenna and Steves engagement with quite a bit of champagne. (My favorite)


Bren and I at Steve’s mom’s on Christmas eve

Christmas morning came and we celebrated our traditional way with brunch and mimosas as we opened presents! I got so many great things. Awesome riding boots, a ton of Delta Gamma related gifts and more! It was a wonderful day.


Christmas brunch

Brenna at Christmas dinner

Brenna at Christmas dinner

And the last celebration was New Years Eve! My original plans were to head back to school but with work and travel issues I ended up staying in Buffalo. I do not regret it at all though. My family and I went to dinner at Siena Restaurant and it was so delightful we drank wine and had a blast for about 3 hours just laughing and being silly. I absolutely adore my family.

Erin, Me, Brenna at Siena

Erin, Me, Brenna at Siena



Then I headed back into East Aurora and went to a friends house to ring in the new year with my friends from high school! It was such a fun night and I had a blast.

Friends at New Years party

Friends at New Years party


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